The neighborhood tool is designed well to fit into your architectural visualization scene no matter how much space is needed to be filled because you can draw an arbitrary closed 2D shape and it will turn into a whole building immediately.
you can choose the vision and the material that covers the building as well; which saves your time to take care of the whole idea of designing not the designing process itself.
all you need is creativity, patience, and a lot of imagination.

What can I modify?

  1. Minimum building High (Min High).
  2. Average building High (Mid High).
  3. Maximum building High (Max High).
  4. random high for the building (Generate).
  5. The Material (High Facade Material).
  6. The Value of the emission (Value).
  7. Y axis value (Y).

How To Use?

Neighborhood tool is flexible, creative, and easy to use.

Follow These Steps:
  1. Click Draw a neighborhood.
  2. Draw any closed 2D shape from the elevation.
  3. Modify the size of your building using the parameters.
  4. Choose the material.