Street & Road Tool

This tool is providing the ability to sketch a street or a roadfor you, it can understand the street’s/road’s rise in 3D, it can take care of intersections and it is also customizable.

It’s Extremely new to the world of design to add a whole street/road using a line, that’s going to be a real revolution in the field of architecture and urban studies.


What can I modify?

  1. Light object in the street.
  2. Add street lights for street.
  3. Distance between lights.
  4. Scale of street lights.
  5. light’s Plastic cover’s color.
  6. Light color.
  7. Light strength.
  8. Sidewalk’s materials.
  9. Street’s materials.
  10. Bricklines’ materials.
  1. bench object in the road.
  2. Add benches for road.
  3. Distance between lights.
  4. Scale of the benches.
  5. Add sidewalks to the road.
  6. Sidewalk’s materials.
  7. Roads’s materials.
  8. Bricklines’ materials.

How To Use?

Street tool and Road tool are an easy and awsome tools to draw streets/roads to your design.
Follow These Steps:
  1. Click Add Street/ Add Road.
  2. Draw a line in the space from The elevation.
  3. Modify the street/road using the parameters.