Scatter Tool

The Scatter tool is a powerful tool to scatter an object in the form you like randomly to make it natural. And all you need is to draw a scattering line.
Sometimes you need to add some similar objects randomly to a space like putting rocks on the ground and it is not logical to add these object in a tidy way you have to distribute them randomly and that’s what the scatter tool offer to you.

What can I modify?

  1. Grass (The object).
  2. Road Weight Paint.
  3. The density of the instances.
  4. The minimum distance between the instances.
  5. The offset point of the objects.
  6. The Objetc’s Face Direction.
  7. The Z Rotation.
  8. Object’s minimum rotation.
  9. Object’s maximum rotation.
  10. Object’s minimum scale.
  11. Object’s maximum scale.
  12. Generate random distribution.

How To Use?

The Scatter tool is useful, powerful, and time-saving. It is easy too!
Follow These Steps:
  1. Select a surface to distribute the objects on.
  2. Click Add ScatterTool.
  3. Select the object you want to scatter.
  4. Modify the object using the parameters.