Ivy Tool

Ivies is really nice on buildings, gives the building the spirit of nature and quietness. And all by one click.
Plural Ivies is a type of climbing planets that use surfaces as a ledder to rise and make a type of a mix between the nature and the man-made world. 
IVY tool is well designed to fit on any surface and it is very beautiful, because you can modify easily and change the type of leaves.

What can I modify?

  1. Leaf Collection (Leaves type).
  2. Leaves Generate.
  3. Leaves Density.
  4. Leaves Rotation.
  5. Leaves Scale.
  6. Leaves Minimum Scale.
  7. Leaves Maximum Scale.
  8. Branches Density.
  9. Branches Length.

How To Use?

IVY is really beautiful. And it’s easy to add to your design
Follow These Steps:
  1. Click Draw IVY.
  2. Draw a line on the object you want to decorate.
  3. Select the type of leaves.
  4. modify the leaves and the branches of the IVY using the parameters.
  5. select the objects or surfaces that you want to draw on.
  6. press Ctrl+G to group them and rename the group the name you like.
  7. select the group in “target group” button in Next Sketch outliner.