Instance tool is vary usefull. Add an object, And make instances of it randomly to speed run the designing process.

You can make instances of every thing; grasses, flowers, rocks, or any random polygon. All you need is a sample object and a serface to scatter and some imagination. You can make a design for the savana, or a human head, just be wild.


How To Use?

Inastnce tool is usefull, powerfull, and time-saving. It is easy too

Follow These Steps:

  1. Select a surface to add the instances on.(note: Instance tool will not work until you select something because you cannot add a modifier to nothing!)
  2. Click Add Instance Tool.
  3. Select the object you want to make instances of
  4. Modify the object size and the density of the instances.
  5. Modify the instances using the parameters.

That’s it, very easy!, isn’t it?

What can I modify?

  1. The object (Grass).
  2. Road weight paint (Road Weight Paint).
  3. Random distribution of the instances (Generate).
  4. Objects on grass (Objects on Grass).
  5. The density of the instances (Density).
  6. The scale of the object (Scale).
  7. object’s minimum scale (Minimum Scale).
  8. object’s maximum scale (Maximum Scale).
  9. The angle of the object on the Z axis (Random Z Rotation).
  10. the orientation of the object’s head (Follow Face Orientation).
  11. The angle of the object (Random Rotation).
  12. The percentage of the density (view Port Density %).