The new definition of 3D sketching

Next Sketch

Next Sketch is a smart, high-quality, and flexible toolkit to build your imaginary world. You have full control of the materials and the parameters of a wide range amazing tools, and a bunch of procedural assets that are Optimized carefully for heavy scenes!
The future of 3D sketching and designing begins here! All you need is an imagination and plenty of time to make an art.

Our main aim is to remove creativity restrictions

Next Sketch

The ability of the human brain is unbelievable! You can create a whole integrated world just using your imagination. and you can turn your dreams into reality using the right tools. Possibilities are many and there is no place for the word " impossible " in our dictionaries.
We care for your time and believe in your ability to shine; so we offer you this amazing tool to start your first steps on your road toward making miracles.


Why Next Sketch?

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Hothifa Smair

An Architect and a passionate 3D artist that specializes in architectural visualization and 3D art. He is also the guy behind Next Sketch. His main aim is to remove creativity restrictions and to reach an easier way to make art.

Mohammad Essam

Mohammad is a Computer engineer and a software programmer. He is the programmer of Next Sketch’s user interface.